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Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory

Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory

The department of mechanical engineering has a complete range of specialized CAM laboratory with up-to-date equipment for teaching, learning and research purpose. This laboratory provides an environment for students to reinforce the fundamental principles of modern manufacturing systems and apply that knowledge through hands-on trainingfor the currentproduction technology. Our laboratory functioning with the following equipments

I.CNC Turning Center

This industrial type design slant bed turning centre with 8 station programmable turret is the ideal machine tool for training our students and this machine can be compatiblewith Fanuc control system.


  • Industrial slant-bed design
  • PC-based2 axis continuous path control system
  • 8 station programmable turret
  • Programmable spindle
  •  Fully enclosed working area
  • Auto door
  • FMS / CIM Compatible

Total number of CNC Turning Centeravailable at our laboratory: 02

II.CNC Machining Center

This CNC Milling machine with an optional 6 station Automatic Tool Changer and this machine can be compatible with Fanuc control system.


  • PC-based 3 axis continuous path control system
  • 6 station programmable ATC
  • Programmable Spindle
  • Fully enclosed working area
  • Hydro-pneumatic vice
  • Auto door
  • FMS / CIM Compatible

Total number of CNC Machining Center available at our laboratory: 02 

III. Six Axis Robot

This is a modular 6 axis articulated robot, which consists of medium duty stepper motors for all joint actuation. As a special feature, the gripper is driven by a RC servo motor. The controller consists of easy plug and play type cable for swift interfacing and online programming through dedicated software for various applications. Programming and control of the articulated robot for various applications both through manual as well as auto mode for repetitive tasks.


  • Number of axis: 6
  • Payload 2.5 kg
  • Controller: PC based PID control algorithm
  • Path type: Point to point, linear and circular interpolation path
  • Field of application: Pick & place, palletizing, machine loading/unloading , assembling and interface ability  with machines