• Department of Robotics and Automation

Sensors and Actuators Laboratory

Sensors and Actuators Laboratory

Sensors, Input Devices and Output Devices interfaced with Siemens PLC


  •  Proximity Sensor Kit and Accessories
  •  Photo Sensor Kits and Accessories
  •  Distance Measurement, Colour Mark Sensor Kits and Accessories
  •  Fiber Optic Kits and Accessories
  •  Machine Vision Station with Lighting Setup and Stand
  •  Conveyor System and Accessories

Software: FQ PC Tool


  • Material analysis and object setting using proximity sensor
  • Object teaching, setting and working of photo electric sensor using Q-Tech technology
  • Colour Identification, distance measurement and BGS FGS functions using photo electric sensor
  • Two-point teaching and colour identification using fiber optic sensor
  • Pattern matching, area measurement, character and colour identification using machine vision system